Brilliant and enchantingly beautiful, Moissanite is a gem with several luminous qualities. Universally popular and much appreciated for its radiance and spell binding luster, it has won accolades galore from all gem connoisseurs.

A rare, naturally-occuring gemstone, a Moissanite is found, though rarely, on meteorites and Earth's crust as silicon carbide. Compared to a Diamond, a Moissanite has more sparkle and fire, is more durable, extremely hard with a high index of refraction and lighter in weight. This is the reason that Moissanite maintains its clarity and sparkle beyond a lifetime. When a one-carat Moissanite is placed alongside a one-carat diamond in water, with similar light source, you get to see a Moissanite jewel showcasing a radiantly beautiful color spectrum that is simply bewitching to look at. Likewise, when a large rough Moissanite sample is cut and polished, you get to a jewel that is very bright and transparent that is indistinguishable from diamond to the naked eye.

Moissanite comes in a variety of range from near colorless to very slightly tinted and diverse shapes such as round, oval, marquise, pear, radiant cut octagon, heart, triangle, trillion, square brilliant princess, and antique squares. Regardless of the price and your personal standards of taste, when you buy a Moissanite, you can be confident that you are buying a high quality piece of jewelry that is fashionable, elegant and unique.


Its hardness, or strong resistance to scratching, chipping or cleaving and its hideous toughness, makes it very durable jewellery. Compared to Diamond that has a hardness of 10, a Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25, making it an extremely tough gemstone, harder than not just Diamond, but also Emerald, Ruby or Sapphires. Another remarkable feature of Moissanite is that it has survived several ordeals like house fires, complex repairs etc, where other gemstones tend to break down.


Every Moissanite jewel is evaluated to exacting standards by our specially trained gemologists, quality control personnel, and automated video imaging equipment


Each Moissanite jewel comes with a warranty and certificate of authenticity that every Moissanite jewel will maintain its fire and brilliance for the lifetime of the user’.

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