Looking for that elusive beautiful and affordable substitute to diamond jewellery?

If so, look no further than Moissanite which is an excellent and clear alternative to diamond in all ways from earrings to engagement rings. Though not quite as hard as a diamond, Moissanite is more durable than a diamond and gives off more brilliance because it is more refractive in light.

An exquisitely beautiful gemstone, Moissanite has many reasons for being a good choice as an alternative to Diamond. First, is that it is nearly as hard as diamond and will last a lifetime. Second, is that it has much more fire and brilliance then a diamond, which makes it an eye-catching stone. Thirdly, the amount of light reflected back by a Moissanite jewel is greater than a diamond. The Moissanite ranks at 20.4% while diamond ranks at 17.2%. Finally and most importantly is that it is available at a far cheaper price than Diamond and will save you lots of money than an earth-mined diamond. Normally, both diamond and Moissanite are an excellent choice in all jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to engagement rings. But when it comes to price, Moissanite has a huge lead over diamond, being far cheaper and affordable.

There are a pretty decent number of

Moissanite jewellery shops in Hyderabad

. Not only do they offer a good collection of quality Moissanite jewellery with choices, but also make finding and purchasing the perfect piece of Moissanite jewellery a simple and positive buying experience. One of the better known and respectable

Moissanite jewellery showrooms in Hyderabad

, Durga Jewellers offers genuine Moissanite gems in a variety of sizes and shapes. More importantly, it offers them in a very good cut, better brightness and whiteness up to four colour grades.

Durga Jewellers fine exquisite Moissanite jewelry of exceptional quality at excellent value truly makes it one of the very best Moissanite Jewellery shops in Hyderabad. The fact is that they are not only fine Moissanite pieces made with only the best quality Moissanite jewels but also the mountings and settings are made to last a lifetime and beyond. Further, customers will have the luxury of a wide selection of classic and elegant style Moissanite jewelry, in a wide range of shapes and sizes of Fiona Moissanite, at Durga Jewels one of the famous Moissanite jewellery shops in Hyderabad.

The Moissanite collection also carries a full collection of the latest and hottest engagement rings and necklaces set with Brilliant Moissanite and a variety of jewellery. In offering the largest and most affordable selection of bridal Moissanite jewelry, Durga Jewellers confirms that it remains one of the very best Moissanite jewellery showrooms in Hyderabad.

All Moissanite purchased from Durga Jewellers are accompanied with an authorized certificate and a Limited Lifetime Warranty card.

Committed to providing customers with superior quality Moissanite jewelry, backed by quality service, Durga Jewellers always reaffirms its status as one of the premier Moissanite jewellery showrooms in Hyderabad and India as well.

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