A beautiful stone in its own right, Moissanite has nearly double the fire and brilliance of a diamond, which is what makes it beautiful and dazzling. Considered the best synthetic diamond on the market, Moissanite features brilliance, durability and clarity that rival its pricier counterpart, diamond. So much that they are used as an affordable alternative to diamonds when choosing engagement rings and wedding bands. Many fine jewelry stores as well as an exclusive Moissanite jewellery store in Hyderabad, Durga Jewellers are offering Moissanite, due to its increasing popularity for affordability and durability.

The best thing is that the Moissanite jewellery are not only available offline at the stores, but also online. The sale of

Moissanite jewellery online

has become immensely popular in India and is poised to register faster growth with increasing number of online buyers in India. Easy accessibility to Internet vide desktop computers or laptops / tablets, smart-phones, better online shopping flexibility and safety, better pricing, greater variety, international patterns or designs, third-party lab certification of all their products and easy payment schemes (like EMI), have all contributed to the phenomenal surge in Moissanite jewellery online sales.

One of the better known Moissanite jewellery stores in Hyderabad offering Moissanite Jewellery online is Durga Jewellers. Durga Jewellers, the Hyderabad-based retailer of finely crafted Moissanite jewelry online offers a stunning collection of dazzling Moissanite diamond jewellery in a wide range of design patterns. Each Moissanite is so good that they never cloud, change their colour, loose their fire or luster. Further they come with 100% buyback so customer's investments are always safe.

The collection of fine exquisite Moissanite jewelry of exceptional quality at Durga Jewellers, are made to last a lifetime and beyond. There is a wide selection of classic and elegant style Moissanite jewelry, in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Each a product of the finest quality that meets the most stringent quality-control specifications and standards. What more, they come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty guaranteeing the buyers that their Moissanite jewel will maintain its brilliance and fire, without fading or changing color for a long time. That is why Durga Jewellers is regarded as one of the leading Moissanite jewellery stores in Hyderabad.

For those looking to buy Moissanite jewellery online, Durga Jewellers offers a user-friendly fast-loading website www.durgajewels.com. Showcasing a fabulous collection of high class Moissanite jewellery in a pleasing layout, the user friendly, welcoming and highly functional website virtually lures the users to buy their favourite Moissanite jewellery online. The website has helped Durga Jewellers to continue expanding its customer base while increasing its visibility among new groups of consumers, and ultimately expanding its jewellery brand awareness.

From royal cut to a more vintage looking setting, the Moissanite jewellery designs will help buyers find something that will make them smile and relieved that they have got the Moissanite jewellery of their dreams. For the finest quality of Moissanite jewellery that you will be proud to wear and show your friends and family, shop at Durga Jewellers, the best

Moissanite jewellery store in Hyderabad

or log into www.durgajewels.com and grab your favorite Moissanite jewellery that will remain a lifelong timeless treasure.
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